Lists of warrant officers vietnam 1970

Names On The Wall: A Closer Look At Those Who Died In Vietnam

Amodei worked both sides of the aisle to get support for a bill that would require the secretary of the army to place a suitable memorial stone at the cemetery. The bill passed the House, but its Senate counterpart got wrapped up in bureaucratic red tape. A subsequent bill also failed to pass. A monument measuring 22 inches high, 21 inches deep, and 32 inches wide would be placed in Section 35, along Memorial Drive, not far from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Basic training for a dangerous job.

The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military after attacking an enemy force with rifle fire and grenades and was the first African American commissioned officer of the war to receive the medal. In the United States Armed Forces, the ranks of warrant officer are rated as officers above The Army warrant officer traces lineage to with the War Department's . Due to the demand for helicopter pilots in Vietnam, the number of warrant .. Ranks and insignia of NATO armies officers ยท List of United States Navy.

VHPA paid for the construction and placement of the monument. HAI hosted a group of Vietnam veterans and their families for the event. Some of their stories are below. Eustice, Virginia.

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The youngest of three brothers, Aretz was the third to serve in Vietnam. His oldest brother, JJ, had been a crew chief with the th Armed Helicopter Company until he was hit with shrapnel, losing an eye. He was medically discharged from the army but later went back to Vietnam as a civilian with the Lear Sigler corporation. On Memorial Day , the youngest Aretz gained a bit of unwanted fame when JJ talked Tom into letting him fly along on a mission.

It was the only known instance in the Vietnam War when two brothers were shot down in the same aircraft. The two brothers have spent every Memorial Day since together. Tom was actually shot down three times before leaving Vietnam in April He was discharged immediately upon returning to the States and became an independent insurance salesman and financial planner. Following his retirement, he met some members of the Friends of Army Aviation out of Ozark, Alabama, and five years ago, he joined the unit.

This group restores old Hueys that then travel around the country, giving people rides and promoting Army aviation. We picked it up as just a hulk from the Florida Forestry Department. We bought three of them. A second is in the process of being made flyable. At the end of his initial tour, Hare extended for two more tours.

He stayed in Vietnam for almost two-and-a-half years, returning to the States in April But now that the demand for mechanics is growing, the pay scale is growing. Because of the demand, the FBOs are having to get the pay scale up. He retired from the City of Tampa in Hare says that, back in the day, aviation mechanics were more hands on.

Upon returning from Vietnam, he flew as a contact instructor at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia before being discharged. In , Beversluis moved to Gulfstream to sell corporate jets. He left in to work for Jet Aviation as its vice president of aircraft management, retiring in Most of his flying was done in the metropolitan New York area.

Vietnam War Deaths, Author's Notes

Everybody knew everyone else. You knew who someone was, just by the sound of his voice. The camaraderie was absolutely incredible. The engines, of course, were a big deal, going from piston engines to turbine engines, but the rotor head, flight control systems, and tail rotor were comparable to the CH I was the flight engineer, the GIB guy-in-back. Rucker as a Skycrane student pilot instructor. He retired from the army in I went into their field service as a technical rep, working in-house for a while, then signed on for a program Aerospatiale had in Israel.

I was a service rep on the HHA there for two-and-a-half years.


He then worked freelance maintenance for three years. I also worked with a company that had news helicopters scattered all over the Eastern seaboard. Todd Petersen went to Vietnam as a young warrant officer grade 1, arriving in March He returned to the States in March and immediately re-upped for another tour, returning to Vietnam the next month.

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After returning to the States the second time, he was discharged and started looking for a job. I spent almost a year in Australia, then the project slowed down. All of the American pilots were released. However, the helicopters had been leased from Columbia Helicopters in Portland, Oregon.

Columbia was just starting helicopter logging and offered jobs to the guys who had been flying their aircraft in Australia. He worked for Columbia for about a year and then had the opportunity to go back to Southeast Asia with Air America, flying as a civilian pilot for the CIA. The slabs meet at a vertex of degrees, 10 feet above ground level to form the Wall. The shining surface is intended to reflect the sun, the ground and those who stand before it. The names are listed chronologically by date of death, the first to last.

List of Medal of Honor recipients for the Vietnam War

As one walks the Wall slowly, examining the ineffably American names, one is struck by the same recurring surnames. How many Smiths can there possibly be who died in Vietnam? There were ; How many Andersons? Who were they? A new Department of Defense DOD database computer tape released through the National Archives allows researchers to take a much closer look at our 58, Vietnam casualties.

From to , 2,, men and women served in Vietnam, but this was only 8 percent of the 26,, Americans who were eligible for military service. The vast majority of Americans who were eligible by age but did not serve in the armed forces were exempted by reason of physical, mental, psychiatric, or moral failure; or they were given status deferments because they were college students, fathers, clergy, teachers, engineers or conscientious objectors.

Others, later in the war, were simply ineligible because of high lottery number. Many others joined the reserves or National Guard, which were not mobilized in any appreciable numbers during the war. A relatively small number refused to register for the draft at all. Some went to Canada or Sweden, but few of those who evaded the draft were actually prosecuted and most were eventually pardoned by President Jimmy Carter in The DOD database shows that of the 2,, men and women who served in Vietnam, 58, were killed.

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The Army suffered the most total casualties, 38, or 2. The Marine Corps lost 14,, or 5 percent of its own men. The Navy fatalities were 2, or 2 percent. The Air Force lost 2, or l percent. Coast Guard casualties are included in the Navy totals. Of the Coast guardsmen who served in Vietnam, 3 officers and 4 enlisted men were killed and 59 were wounded.

Eight women were killed in Vietnam, five Army lieutenants, one Army captain, one Army lieutenant colonel and one Air Force captain. All were nurses, all were single and all but one were in their 20s. An estimated 11, women served in Vietnam.

1st Australian Task Force

In this study we will refer to casualties as the 58, who died in Vietnam, but it should be emphasized that there were , who were wounded seriously enough to be hospitalized. Thus, there were , killed and wounded, or one in every 10 Americans who served in Vietnam. The Army as a branch had , killed or wounded 9.

Since the days of Alexander the Great and the Roman Legions, it has always been the young, inexperienced, low-ranking enlisted man who has taken the brunt of combat casualties. The Vietnam War was no different. The DOD percentages reveal that nearly 75 percent of Army enlisted casualties were privates or corporals. The Marine Corps losses were skewed even more to the lower ranks, 91 percent were privates or corporals.

If the two branches are combined, then 80 percent of the Army and Marine enlisted casualties were privates or corporals, grades E-1 to E Although it is a truism that the young die in war, one is still unprepared for the fact that 40 percent of Marine enlisted casualties in Vietnam were teenagers; that more than 16 percent of Army enlisted casualties were also teenagers; and that nearly a quarter of all enlisted casualties in Vietnam were between the ages of and years old.

If the demographic is expanded to to years, then we find there were 83 percent of Marine enlisted casualties, and 65 percent of Army enlisted casualties.