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What is covered in the Statewide NY Criminal record search? This is a search of the Statewide computer database of cases in the State OCA files and in most cases will include all of the following: Felony and misdemeanors convictions and pending cases in all-5 boroughs of NYC are covered back to September The only cases not likely to appear are violations and minor misdemeanors that start and end in a town or municipal court and do not reach the county level.

In almost all these counties the search covers the last 20 years. In Orange County, NY, the search covers back to February 04, Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions Missing: Amber Holdfelder. Missing From Bay Shore, Ny. October 28, Missing From Holbrook, Ny. August 14, Missing From Mount Sinai, Ny.

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July 25, Missing From Brightwaters, Ny. July 17, Missing From Stony Brook, Ny.

  • Although expungement is not available in New York, sealing of criminal records is..
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July 09, Missing From Babylon, Ny. June 11, Current crimes by location, description of offenses and reported police activity Assault On Forest, Smithtown, , Ny. November 02, November 01, Total Violent Crime:. Suffolk County's demographic and housing ACS survey of 1,, being 0. American Community Survey separates various ethnicities depending on the area's population of persons from less than 5 years of age to 85 years old and over. ACS is an ongoing survey with five year estimates down to the block group scale providing a summary spanning five years, from to and released in View the percentage of the population by race, including various groups of Native Americans, Asians, American Indian, Alaska Native, and two or more races.

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The Suffolk county's social characteristics data of , households, which make up 0. View the number and percentages of married and divorced residents 15 years and older, including , families with and without children. There are , persons enrolled in school which are 3 years of age and over are separated by education level from nursery school to graduate and professional degrees. The state's resident social characteristics collected data include estimated percentages and totals of persons which are foreign born, Island areas, born abroad to American parent s , citizenship status and ancestry.

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The Suffolk county's American Community Survey economic characteristics displays current and past employment of 1,, persons which are 16 years of age and older comprising of 0. Employment numbers of , civilians in various occupations from construction to information technology collected by industry.

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Overview of income and benefits in , received from private entities and public public assistance. Population of the labor force with private or public health coverage for both employed and unemployed residents. Data regarding the percentage of families with income below poverty level are collected by age groups ranging from persons under the age of 18 to 65 years and over. Suffolk county's housing characteristics are collected from , dwellings making up 0.

Data coverage of various rentals or owned structures containing 1 room to 9 rooms. Find out which mode of transportation , commuters in the state used to get to work.

Look up the type of energy utilized by individual occupied residences. An overview of median monthly homeowner costs with or without mortgage.

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There may be a fee required by the county in order to access some of these public records. Supreme Court Civil Cases. How can I find out what was a person arrested for in Suffolk county, NY? Automatically updated information of new actions pertaining to a case you are following and want to be current. These divorces were granted only on the grounds of adultery. Search Suffolk County public records using the resource links provided below. Box Huntington, NY

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Criminal Court Future case information and dates are available at WebCrims. Sep 19, If you have been arrested for a crime, there is a record of it. about current criminal court cases in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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