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The others were sent to jail til they pay the fines. After three days of intense fighting along the line, the strike was broken in Keyser, with traffic moving again on August 1, The wage cuts stood, but the strike spurred the burgeoning U. Across the Potomac from Keyser, in Westernport, Maryland , in the heat of the uprising, workers posted the following handbill, illustrating the desperation and militancy of the strike in this area:.

Strike and Live! Bread we must have! Remain and perish! A company that has from time to time so unmercifully cut our wages and finally has reduced us to starvation, for such we have, has lost all sympathy. We have humbled ourselves from time to time to unjust demands until our children cry for bread.

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A company that knows all this, we should ask in the name of high heaven what more do they want -- our blood? They can get our lives. We are willing to sacrifice them, not for the company, but for our rights. Call out your armed hosts if you want them.

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Shield yourselves if you can, and remember that no foe, however dreaded, can repel us for a moment. Our determination may seem frail, but let it come. They may think our cause is weak. Fifteen thousand noble miners, who have been insulted and put upon by this self same company, are at our backs. The merchants and community at large along the whole line of the roads are on our side, and the working classes of every State in the Union are in our favor, and we feel confident that the God of the poor and the oppressed of the earth is with us.

Therefore let the clashing of arms be heard; let the fiery elements be poured out if they think it right, but in heed of our right and in defence of our families, we shall conquer or we shall die. Keyser's growth accelerated in the s, with the end of the Long Depression, through the turn of the century. The first high school opened in The first bank in town, the National Bank of Keyser, was chartered in A town water system was built in , as was the first telephone line, connecting Keyser to Burlington, West Virginia.


Office Address and Contact Information. Mineral County Sheriff's Office Armstrong Street. Keyser, WV Email: Jeremy S. Taylor, Sheriff. Mineral County Sheriff's Department, Keyser, West Virginia. likes · talking about this · 98 were here.

The Keyser Light and Power Company brought electricity to the town in A natural gas system powered street lamps and provided heating beginning in In these years, a prominent citizen of Keyser was Thomas R. He had been a shareholder of the Keyser Land and Improvement Company that sold the plots that would become much of downtown Keyser.

A newspaper article described his pro- temperance views as unpopular yet voters liked to listen to his "characteristic, sound, humorous, eloquent, and happy speeches, which held his audience spellbound to the close. In , another woolen mill, specializing in worsted wool, was opened on the banks of the Potomac in the shadow of Queens Point. A story reported: "A number of the girls employed at the Patchett Worsted Company are on a strike for higher wages this week.

As Keyser's industry boomed, so did its population. The need for labor was ravenous. European immigrants made their way to Keyser. The largest group of foreign-born Keyser residents in this era was the Italians, followed by the Irish. Many of the Italians settling in Keyser and nearby Piedmont therefore hailed from the same Calabrian village, Caulonia. A restrictive national immigration law enacted in had at least two significant effects on Keyser.

First, while the town's population had more than doubled between and , in the following decade the population leveled out, despite being the Roaring Twenties. When the U.

Until this time, Keyser had functioned under a general law applicable to all municipalities in West Virginia. Its size now justified a special city charter from the state. The charter laid out Keyser's form of government as well. When the United States entered World War I in , the patriotic fervor of Keyser nearly caused another change in the town's name. Because "Keyser" was pronounced like "Kaiser," the title of the German leader, townsfolk began to tire of snide remarks from outsiders whenever they heard someone was from "Keyser.

Proposals included Wilson after the then-President , Pershing after the then-general , Paddy Town the original name , McPherson a Civil War figure , and Fairfax-on-the-Potomac harkening back to the original land grant. A Keyser soldier and local musician, Gene Cross, heard of the debate while enlisted and wrote a letter to the town newspaper that effectively ended the debate:. There is lots of good work that these people could use their spare time, energy, and brain power that needs attention far more than this question.

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So for the sake of the boys who are away from home and the ones who are going, let the old name stand. As we are looking forward to the time when all this international trouble will have passed away and we can come back to, not Wilson, Paddy Town, Pershing or any other, but Keyser, our boyhood Keyser. In , Keyser experienced its wettest year since , and the Potomac River swelled over its banks twice in March.

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Correctional officers may also be hired in those counties which have a county jail. Show Items. This data is not to be construed as legal advice. No , Please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for a title to your mobile home. How often do you hold tax sales? Rob was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Ernest Ray Roberts, Jr.

These massive floods brought widespread damage to homes and businesses in the north end of Keyser especially. Keyser's experience of the Great Depression in the s was like any other small industrial city in the United States. Jobs were lost. Factories, like the Keyser Pottery Company, closed. The war efforts helped. For example, in January , one month after the declaration of war, an entrepreneur from Brooklyn bought the worsted woolen mill with an aim of filling army contracts and ramped up production and employment.

After the war, Keyser experienced another boom in industry. When the woolen mill closed in , moving its equipment to India, the community pulled together to lure a new business to take over the facility.

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The site was not empty for long. A new owner soon took over, Penn Ventilator, which produced louvers and ventilators for heating and air conditioning systems. In , the Red Scare came to Keyser. That year, nearby Cumberland, Maryland, and Ridgeley, West Virginia , enacted ordinances requiring communists to register with the city. The Keyser American Legion post passed a motion for Keyser to do the same.

The post commander said that several of his members said "they knew of Communists in Keyser and of Communist meetings. Following the landmark U. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education , Keyser schools began integrating in the school year.

That fall, students between grades 7 and 12 were integrated. Mineral County's school board, however, said younger students could not be integrated yet due to lack of classroom space. African-American children up to grade 6 continued to attend a segregated red brick school called Lincoln School on Church Street in Keyser. High employment and rising wages marked the s and s. Keyser's population peaked in the census. Keyser's 20th Century economy relied heavily on manufacturing and the railroad. The economic crises of the s and early s hit the town hard.

Plants in nearby cities where Keyser residents may have commuted took the early hits.

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Brewery , glass , textile , and tire plants in Cumberland, Maryland , especially began to close. The loss of income reverberated through the area economy, affecting retailers and other ancillary concerns. Globalization sent firms in search of cheap labor. By the s, corporate raiders took their toll on employment, ultimately forcing the closure of a major tire plant, Kelly-Springfield , in Cumberland.

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Many Keyser factories held on longer than the larger concerns in Cumberland, while reducing headcounts throughout this period. Eventually, however, one by one, they too began to close. In , the Flex-O-Lite plant closed. The owners - the Lukens Company - claimed it was no longer profitable with high natural gas prices and "antiquated equipment.

In , both the Penn Ventilator and Anchor Glass plants closed. Many blamed this pair of closures on the North American Free Trade Agreement , which went into effect a year earlier. In , after a troubled attempt to save it through an employee stock ownership program , the Keyser Garment Company closed.

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Today Keyser's population has largely stabilized. Since losing much of its manufacturing base, the town has found employment via health care, education, and service jobs.

A new modern hospital and high school were opened. The Thomas R. According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 1. New Creek forms most of the eastern boundary of the town. On the immediate eastern bank of New Creek is New Creek Mountain , peaking at 1, feet above sea level on the eastern side of Keyser though the long mountain itself has higher peaks far south of Keyser. On Keyser's western edge is the Allegheny Front , rising 2, feet above sea level at this point along its range.

Immediately across the river, in McCoole, Maryland , another portion of the New Creek Mountain ridge features a massive outcropping of Oriskany or Ridgeley sandstone known as Queens Point, a popular cliff from which to take in views of Keyser. The cliff is approximately feet above the river. Beyond its southern limits is the unincorporated community of New Creek. Today, Keyser's western horizon is dotted with wind turbines.