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Hello Kirbayy, Thanks for your note. We've made significant improvements in the latest 4. We'd love to help you with your issue. Please reach out to us at SmartLineiOS godaddy. The app works good but could be better. There are a lot of bugs that could still be fixed.

Recent calls, texts or voicemails disappear or will not show up on recent call screen. Now if I open it thru my notifications screen on my iPhone it will sometimes take me there. Next when I click on some of my customers text threads a different customer thread will show and I have to close the app and reopen it for it to work right again. As of this very moment my app shows 10 notifications but I can NOT view them.

They are missed calls, voicemails or texts that I cannot see. I also notice that a lot of times I have missed calls or voicemails and my phone never even rang. And my final issue is voicemails should ALL go into a separate folder.

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Other then these issues the app and idea is great. Hopefully they get these bugs fixed soon and this will become a very good app. Hello, Thanks for your note. I'd highly encourage you to try the latest version. I very recently bought this to use as a business line on my personal phone. The texting feature works great - shows business colleagues and clients my new business number.

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Different City and State than my personal or business phone number. This is so horrible! I now have business cards with my new number. Now I am waiting to see if someone else can fix the problem. They told me to give them 72 hours. I will update this post if the problem gets fixed. I NEED it to get fixed. This is a big and costly glitch. Which could be a problem for people. Just keep that in mind. Also, you cannot link this to your regular Godaddy billing. Very inconvenient. Hello, thanks for reaching out to us. What you're experiencing is definitely odd and shouldn't be happening.

Your SmartLine should be the number that is displayed on the receiver's end. Please send us an email to SmartLineiOS godaddy. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Keywords with unmet demand. Seasonal searches in Q3. Marketing campaigns in Q3. Top seller category-style pairs.

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Category-style pairs with unmet demand. Best practices for icon families. These are the keywords that customers have been using to find icons from January to June The list is ordered from most searched to least searched. The last column, Supply-Demand ratio, shows how competitive the Iconfinder market for that keyword is:.

These searches follow a long-tail curve. Among the keywords in the list above, we selected only the ones that have a Supply-Demand ratio lower than or equal to 1, meaning that they offer opportunities to add more icons. The lower the ratio, the larger the opportunity to add icons. We looked at the keywords that become popular in Q3 by comparing their searches with the previous quarter.

We noticed a few themes standing out, as shown in the chart below. July and August are generally slower months because many people are on holiday and do not have a project that needs icons. In September, however, things start to pick up again.

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Fun fact : We just discovered what could be the horse-riding season on Iconfinder. It extends from July to January with a constant level of around searches per month during the high season. For more ideas on what icons to create and when, keep an eye on Google Trends.

It is a good source of popular topics that people are presently searching for online and a good indicator of what customers are searching for on Iconfinder too. For it, we will feature icon sets that are appropriate for such a campaign. It could be a mix of business, UI, school and education, and other beautiful sets that we receive during the summer.

We also looked at what theme-style combinations sell the most. The table below lists them in order of sales, from most sales to least sales. Business, finance, avatars, emojis, UI, network and communications, and SEO are some of the most demanded categories for icons. Among the most popular styles, we find the outline, flat, glyph, and the filled outline. Designers should pay attention to the last column Supply-Demand ratio , which shows how saturated the market is in each category-style pair.

Lost and unclaimed super by location

To make it easier to grasp the data in the Top sellers table above, we added a few examples of sets that correspond to the top of the list. You can check out all categories available on Iconfinder and also all the existing styles. As some categories and styles offer more opportunities than others, as seen above, we filtered the list to only show the ones that offer more opportunities meaning that they have a higher demand of icons than supply.

The list below is ordered from most sales to least sales.

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We are adding some visual examples to help you understand the table above better. At Iconfinder, we organize sets in families.

Find what you want.

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Families are a grouping of sets from the same designer that share the same appearance and design style. Why are families a good practice? Customers usually work on projects. When choosing icons for a project, they prefer to have a large variety of icons that all match with each other.

This way, they do not need to worry about visual consistency when adding these icons to their project. Families allow customers to find all the matching icons in the same place. The larger the family, the better. A family can be in any style. The example above focuses on outline icons. The one below is in an illustrative style. Additionally, customers can now see more icon sets from the same icon family when browsing.

Lost and unclaimed super by location

Bad practices. A bad practice is to have many one-off sets. If all sets are different from each other, then there are fewer chances for customers to find all the icons that they are looking for.