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Text Your Ex Back. Get All Details Now. Wireless Phone Telephone Type We know the caller used a Wireless phone to call you from , and we can also find out more information such as email and social accounts, and court records. Reverse Telephone Lookup For Any Phone Number Search public records to do an online background check to find out who is calling you today. Online Background Checks Nobody likes unknown callers. Probably calling with different offers for different companies, but for sure some general call center.

I recommend to block the whole xxx range Did someone answer any number of this range? I think it"s National Credit Adjusters calling. I didn"t bother picking up, think it"s the collectors. If I don"t recognize the phone number I don"t answer. This number comes from Boise, Idaho. I don"t answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck.

People pls did someone answer this number, who is it? I was wondering if I can call you but I don"t have a phone number so I will try to get one next year. I was also wondering could I add you on snapchat when I get my phone Thank you bye and never lose your swag , kindness and beautifulness.. This was a pre recorded call. When the recording finished, the line dropped.

They provided a number to call for more information but there was no option to speak to a live person. This number has called me every day for 3 weeks with just a recorded message and gave me a 7-digit number to use when I call back. The robo call stated that I was preapproved for what they were and that I had won a content, gift certificate.

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Pretended to be a prison, and demands you pay for the call. Seem to use other recorded voices for names that are generic enough to invoke worry.

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Also call multiple times a day, and iphones can"t block calls because quality. These people continually call us. I have asked them many times not to call, and one called me a bad name before hanging up. I do not qualify for their services and again ask them not to call. I just received another call today. I got a text message about Target gift voucher, unsolicited, and like previous poster knew it was a scam. Alan called and said he hear great things about our company. When i called back it went straight to voicemail.

Then i looked his number up and saw all of these comments. Im not calling him vack No, I hadn"t entered any personal info to them. Think they acquired it from a local job service office. Democratic National Committee calling for a political contribution to support upcoming elections. Phony robo caller calling to sell me things i dont need or want. As soon as i hung up it called about 10 more times within 2 hours before i blocked it. I am considering contacting the FBI ahead of time for a line tap After reading the other posts here I am glad I looked up the phone number to see who had called before just calling back.

The number used this time was [protected]. Any advise would be appreciated on how to catch these scammers!! I have been recieving calls from [protected]. Baltimore They don't speak or just seem to mumble. It's been a few days now that they've been calling me. Reverse directory and some internet searching leads me to Omnipoint Communications. What is going on? Should I call my carrier and file a complaint? It's beginning to get annoying. They are starting up again. Anyone getting calls from [protected]? Seems to be a omnipoint number.

Not sure what they want. I Said multiple times to stop calling but to no luck.

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I have no Idea what he said, he had a thick accent. He was yelling and I thought I heard the word "facebook"?

I hung up and did a reverse phone look up and it was Omnipoint Communications, Inc. Six calls today from [protected]. The voicemail message just goes on and on with no one talking.

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When I click ignore, they immediately call back. Received a text from [protected] at this morning. The text read:" Hey my name just thought about you hope all is well.


The I sent another text with only a question mark still not reply. My last and final text to the anonymous texter was : "this number has been redirected to the authorities. This text is a way of confirming who the victim is if they have stolen 'some' of the victims information but they need more.

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The scammer wants to conform their victim so they can call at a later date and catch the victim off guard with a plan to steal their identity or funds. Do not text or speak to anyone you do not know. Always get information in writing. If it is someone you know or have dealt with in the past they will have your contact information therefore.

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Usage Its first vehicle is the buddhi, or spiritual soul. Planter Associates. We have tapped into the largest databases of information to offer you landline, cellphone and business information on any phone number or name. And you can verify owners of phone numbers using the reverse number lookup service by entering a 10 digit phone number in the top most text box. My number is unpublished! Just as in the blog above. Keep in mind that reverse phone lookup services are both paid and free.

Just think before you speak! Omnipoint fabrikam micosoft are they not the same company now? Yesterday I received a call from a male with an Indian type of accent rambling something about women's health, I told him he was calling a do not call number and that I wanted him to take our number off their list and not to call back, he told me he couldn't, I asked why not and he just kept rambling on. The ph [protected] is the one he called from, I called the number right back and the recording said it was not in service. I also tried to contact the Fraud line connected to this site and oh surprise that number comes up with just static and some background noise and then hangs up.

Everything I'm finding out on this company appears to be Fraudulent in my opinion! I recorded the 5 minute phone call from the little foreign man and told him so but he refused to quit and my Husband got on the line and told him a few things and the guy just kept saying he couldn't end the call. I don't know, just wondering. Keep getting calls from [protected]. Who are these people and where did they get my info from?