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Click here to order a copy of a birth or death certificate online. Vital Records Office Rochester, New York () () (fax). Westfall Road, Room Rochester, New York a New York State Court may a spouse, child or other person(s) obtain a copy of a birth certificate.

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I know I need to make a copy of my birth certificate and have it notarized. Where did you go to have that done?

Where do I go to apply for a marriage license in Rochester, New York?

I'm having a hard time finding someone who will do it. I do have the birth certificate with the seal on it. I don't get why we can't just make a copy of it and send it in. Thanks in advance Reply With Quote.

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Suggest you take a similar approach and look to match the certificate number. Compliance with the law was incomplete until or even later; therefore certificates are lacking for many events. Re: Birth Certificate for Passport? Where were you born. However, we can accept your payment and application at the counter.

Join Date Jul Posts 5. Also if you google notary and where you live a list will generally pop up.

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Join Date Jun Posts I am a notary. The reason we cannot notarize your birth certificate is because the copy you already have is a certified copy. The master certificate is held by your state's department of vital records. It is illegal to notarize a certified copy. We had to send our actual birth certificates and just ordered new one's from the state. It's a pain. Here in PA, it's not that bad.

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Hope this helps. Wed-Ting Guest. Hi tazzy, Every state is different when it comes to notarizing the a xeroxed copy of the certified birth certificate.

Most states will allow notaries to provide this for you, but others will not. The clerk at the PO said her birth certificate was inadequate because it simply said that her registration was on file; it was not what was required. Fortunately she had a 40 year old passport, and they accepted that as proof of citizenship. It says " Certificate of Birth Registration This is to certify that a birth certificate ha been filed for.. I don't have an old passport, and my birth certificate is identical to hers. It is also identical to our son's. I used mine to get a passport 20 years ago which I foolishly shredded and my son used his to get one 3 years ago.

All three have a raised seal on them, though after 65 years it is not particularly legible. Take advice already given, and just pay for a certified copy of your birth certificate. Check with New York State to find out whether your certificate of registration of birth meets US passport requirements.

According to the state dept's website, you need -. This post has been removed at the author's request. The author may repost if desired. Posts on the TripAdvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time. Once the edit period has expired, authors may update their posts by removing and reposting them.

Since the birth certificate is so old and and you state it is not so legible , just get a new certified copy of your birth certificate and see if it reads identically to the one you already have. If so, bring both so that the PO clerk sees that they are the same.

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Perhaps there are locations other than post offices in your city at which you can apply for a passport if you are concerned about encountering the same postal clerk. We have used public libraries.

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Or you can go to a different post office. BTW, you cannot equate SS cards and passports, though original documents are required to get both.