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How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

HR Manager or Business Owner? We can help you find the most suitable background check solution. What's the Cost of a Bad Hire? Criminal Background Check Making sure that any potential candidate has a clean record is a prerequisite to getting a good employee.

Employment History Verifications Making sure your candidates have the necessary background to become an integral part of your company is another service we provide. This is just another way we can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Homeland Security Checks Of course, these homeland security checks are about much more than just finding the right candidate for the job. To perform a free background check, you need to go back to the sources that these background check services use. Each of these can be a complicated task in and of themselves, but they will ultimately reveal the information that other people can find out about you.

Of course, you can also pay for a report from another service.

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In order to look up court records, you can choose two major ways:. Criminal record consolidation companies have a lot of overlap with background checks. They usually let you perform a search online for your criminal records, but often you may need to pay to get all the detailed information. However, this can be an excellent cursory way of finding out whether there is any information available on you. Other than this, you can go to individual court databases.

The cities that you lived in likely have their criminal databases online. Search through these databases to find information about you, including any criminal record you have, and any court dates.

How to do a free background check online

On these court databases, you can find out whether you have any open warrants for your arrest. Court databases will also show things like lawsuits, including lawsuits that you yourself initiated. Consequently, court records may also show things like bankruptcies and divorces. Many of them have easy-to-use online searches, others require that you send in a form requesting your driving records from them.

A driving record is going to reveal any parking or moving violations that you have. Other than that, driving records with DUIs or extreme speeding citations may be concerning to other employers. Your driving records can be corrected or disputed with the DMV. You might, for example, have traffic citations in a state after you had already moved out of that state.

These citations are likely in error and can be fixed. Many people stagger these reports, requesting one every four months so they can make sure that their credit is good. Your credit report will be a little different on each credit reporting agency, but it should be overall the same.

There are a number of things that will show up on your credit report, though it should be noted that not all of these things are going to show up on a background check:. Of particular note are the public judgments. These items are things that anyone can find out about you, that are generally related to your financial situation. Public judgments include:. Creditors may have taken you to court for payment, or a bankruptcy may have been filed.

These things are taken into the public record and will consequently show up on your background check. Things like your loans and credit cards will not show up on your background check. You should review your credit report frequently by requesting it from one of the three major credit reporting bureaus. If there are any errors on your credit report, you should correct them quickly. This will fix not only your background checks, but it will also fix your credit score. Further, many application processes that require your background check will also require your credit report.

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There are services such as the National Student Clearing House that specialize in verifying education. However, you can also keep a copy of your diploma or transcripts, or send diplomas and transcripts directly to employers if requested. Education reports generally only follow higher level degrees. For certifications, trade schools, and other types of alternative education, the evidence will be provided by the administering authority itself.

So is it really possible to do a Free Background Check using government agencies.

Instant Background Check - How to run a free Background Check: Use Running Background Checks Online - Everything You Need to Know Before Getting. Get your FREE background check with Better Future. Learn what's on your report to find the right job for you. No credit card needed.

If you have a spouse listed on your online profile, you can rest assured that person will be listed as a spouse on any background check. Likewise, people you list as your family members will be listed as family members.

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Information gleaned from your social media platforms include:. This is a significant amount of information, and it can all be used to find even more information. Your state of residence for instance, can be used to find out more about your court documents, as court documents are state-related.

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You must include quite a bit of identifying information to get this report. Reports are requested offline through the mail.

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Domain Tools Whois Lookup : See who owns a domain name , along with their email address , phone number, physical address of the registrant, and the registrar information. Wayback Machine : Review archived web pages from nearly any website by entering its current or outdated URL. Use the Whois Record option for more details after the hostname is identified from the IP address. MIB Reports : If you've " applied for individually underwritten life or health insurance in the last seven years ", MIB Medical Information Bureau will have a report on this information that you can request for free.

Why Should You Run a Background Check on Yourself?

Help find the right employee Given the wealth of information learned from a free background check, employers can use it to pick the right candidate. You just need to take the time to do so. Whatever search or report you opt for, BeenVerified will churn out the results with surprising efficiency, collating them into an easy-to-read format that will give you a lot more information than most of us are capable of unearthing by doing a totally free people search. Now in some situations its going to be enough. If there are any errors on your credit report, you should correct them quickly. A free background check is a simple task that provides valuable information during the hiring process. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

You can complete the request online or by phone. The Retail Equation : If you weren't able to get your money back the last time you returned something, you can request a free return history report from The Retail Equation, an organization that tracks merchandise return information. VinCheck : Enter a VIN vehicle identification number to see if a car has a history of being stolen or reported as stolen.

ChexSystems : If you've been denied a checking or savings account from a bank or credit union, you can request a free copy of your ChexSystems consumer report to see what might be dinging you.

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This works online as well as through mail and fax. TeleCheck : You have the right to order a free TeleCheck report that details your consumer information for free every 12 months. The Work Number : Can request one report annually; this report will contain income and employment information as well as lenders, credit agencies, or other reporting agencies that have received your data. Request for a Social Security Statement : Get a free record of your social security earnings history year by year, and get an estimate of how much you might qualify in the way of benefits in the future.