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How Can I Teach Kids to Be Smart About Strangers?
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Explore ways in which the child or young person can help the person with dementia, and help them feel loved and wanted. It is important that the child understands that this will not cure the dementia, but it will help the person.

How dementia in someone close can affect children or young people

You could also suggest that they could explain to their friends the changes that are happening to their relative, which will help their friends to understand too. A child or young person may be afraid to talk about their worries. Older children and teenagers may feel embarrassed to show their feelings, and may hide their emotions by seeming uninterested or detached.

Why try to understand?

In fact, some people are more desperate to have a baby than find a life partner, and this is why one woman decided to launch a matchmaking agency designed purely to match two people who want to have children. The Stork was created by Fiona Thomas in after she realised many of. this research was to find out what they were doing “My aim for having our pictures taken was to make people more aware and to help families like mine.

They may need gentle encouragement to talk about their feelings. Young people sometimes believe that they are responsible for the dementia. These feelings are a common reaction to any unhappy situation, especially if they do not understand it or are not given a clear explanation of why the person has changed. It is important to address their anxieties, use reassurance, provide information and clearly explain the reasons why the person seems different.

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You may find What is dementia? Another common concern among children and young people is that they, or their parents and other relatives, may develop dementia in the future. Reassure them that this is unlikely. Genetics of dementia , and Risk factors for dementia can help you to understand what causes dementia. Everyone reacts differently to difficult experiences and shows distress in different ways. This is the case for children and young people, as well as for adults. If you are worried about how the situation is affecting a child or young person, the following signs may be worth keeping an eye out for.

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Breadcrumb Home Get support Daily living How dementia in someone close can affect children or young people. How dementia in someone close can affect children or young people. Find out how dementia in a family member or close friend may affect children and young people. Look for someone else, rather than giving up.

Remember they might feel more comfortable with an online service, rather than a face-to-face. You might want to keep a copy of the U can cope! And remember to be hopeful. Jo and Sarah from our Parents Helpline share their tips for approaching difficult conversations with your child. However, they might know about alternative local counselling provision for young people. In addition, many schools have their own counsellor or mental health nurse on site and young people can often benefit hugely from having this kind of support in school.

Charities offer opportunities for young people to get advice, support and solidarity from helplines, group forums and message boards, email- webchat- text- and email services. Counsellors and therapists are available privately — it can seem quite overwhelming trying to find someone you think is suitable, so check on bona fide directories and look for recommendations.

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Association of Child Psychotherapists. Counselling Directory. British Psychological Society. Youth Wellbeing Directory.

Support, guidance and counselling services for families and young people. When families are going through a tough time, relate offers support to help everyone settle. Phone: or contact your local Relate Centre. Relate for children and young people.

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Our website uses cookies. To find out more please view our privacy policy. Counselling Services for Children and Young People If you think your child or family might need some extra support with their mental health, here is our advice and information about counselling and where you can get help. How can counselling services help my child? There are so many ways you can get involved in our work and help us to help even more children and young people.

Every 15 minutes a child is moved into care for their own safety.

Children and young people

Help us change this. We protect and support children and young people, providing practical and emotional care and support, ensuring their voices are heard, and campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives. Last year, we helped more than , children and families across the UK. A pioneering programme that has worked with more than 70 young people in Glasgow at risk of involvement with serious organised crime is now broadening its reach around the UK.

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We work to make sure more children have the best start in life, good mental health, and safe and loving homes. Find out how your support helps us change lives. Find out more. What we do We protect and support children and young people, provide practical and emotional care and support, ensure their voices are heard, and campaign to bring lasting improvements to their lives. Support for parents We support families by providing expert advice, support and parenting programmes.