Cannot connect to the phone book entry error 775

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The system cannot perform automated dial because this entry has a custom dialer specified.

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Remote access services could not be started automatically. Additional information is provided in the event log. An error occurred while Internet connection sharing was being enabled for the connection. Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. There are two or more LAN connections in addition to the connection to be shared.

"make install" ends with some errors · Issue # · tesseract-ocr/tesseract · GitHub

The call could not be connected because the destination has invoked the Do Not Disturb feature. Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. The LAN connection selected as the private network is either not present, or is disconnected from the network. You cannot dial using this connection at logon time, because it is configured to use a user name different than the one on the smart card. The graphical environment GTK is not installed on the system. For details, see Installation Manager fails to start without warning. There is an issue with the file permissions on the system. Some of the libraries that are required by Installation Manager are not installed.

Installation Manager cannot be installed or started on Ubuntu 64 Installation Manger is a bit application and requires the bit versions of OS system libraries. The bit versions are not installed on Ubuntu 64 For details, see Error: bash.

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Cannot open the phone book file. Cannot find the phone book entry. Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error. . connection attempt failed because of a temporary failure. Try connecting again. Dialup error Cannot find the phone book entry. Dialup error Dialup error Your modem (or other connecting device) hasreported an error. Dialup error .. Dialup error The call was blocked by the remote computer. Dialup error.

Installation Manager installation commands. This issue occurs when only a top directory has write access permissions. Installation Manager assumes all sub-directories have write access.

Dialup errors

Check file permissions for all unzipped files and directories. For details, see Using the sudo command to run Installation Manager as root fails.

This issue can occur for multiple reasons. This can be caused by a problem in the VPN transmission and is commonly the result of internet latency or simply that your VPN server has reached capacity. Please try to reconnect to the VPN server. If this problem persists, contact the VPN administrator and analyze quality of network connectivity.

This could be because one of the network devices e.

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Please contact your Administrator or your service provider to determine which device may be causing the problem. This is typically caused by the use of an incorrect or expired certificate for authentication between the client and the server.

Please contact your Administrator to ensure that the certificate being used for authentication is valid. This is typically caused by a pre-shared key problem between the client and server. Please get the assistance of your administrator to determine where the pre-shared key problem is originating. Specifically, the authentication method used by the server to verify your username and password may not match the authentication method configured in your connection profile.

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Please contact the Administrator of the RAS server and notify them of this error. Please disconnect the earlier connection and then re-establish the connection. Please install and enable the Ethernet adapter on your computer via the Network Connections folder before attempting this connection.

Please contact your Internet Service Provider and inquire about the correct value for this field and update it in the Connection Properties. Some network services or resources might not be available. If the problem persists, disconnect and retry the remote access connection or contact the administrator for the remote access server. Retry the remote access connection.